The Best Cooling Beds For your Dog?

During the long, hot summer days and nights, dogs and cats can’t escape their fur. And while most of them can be susceptible to overheating in warmer months, some may be more sensitive than others, some even get into danger. Cooling dog beds are a great tool to help keep our furry friends comfortable.

Best cooling mat for your dog

You better walk them in the shade of the day and make sure they always have access to shade and plenty of fresh water which can prevent them from heatstroke or dehydration. And a cooling bed with gel will provide some additional heat relief.
The cooling beds are filled with a harmless gel that delivers a cooling effect when in contact with the pet’s body.

best cool mat for your dog2

It automatically recharges and no electricity or refrigeration is required. The pressure-activated, non-toxic*, cooling gel formula is activated by your pets weight/heat, lasts for up to 3 hours and automatically recharges itself after 15-20 minutes of non-use. This allows your pet to keep cool when you’re out of the house or doing other things. You can use a cooling mat anywhere, including the park or the beach.

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