A real story between pet and owner about our cooling mat

To help my dog ​​through the summer, I bought a cooling mat for dogs that can keep her cool on these hot days. Yes, I am worried that my dog Ruby ​​will overheat in hot weather, just like other dogs panting and listless, uncomfortable.

So I searched immediately and ordered a large cooling mat on the Internet. Honestly speaking the seller and the post are very good, I received the postal package on the fifth day, it is really extremely high efficiency. But when I opened the package happily and introduced it to Ruby, it seems she didn’t interested in this thing. Then she always avoids this cooling mat just like tell me that she does not like this strange thing(Maybe it’s weird in her eyes). Okay, I started asking the seller for help.

“Some dogs are more sensitive and shy, so they will more difficult to accept new things. You can use instructions or rewards to guide her to use it, or you can lie on it and let her know that it’s good” “Our cooling mat uses healthy and non-toxic materials, which are harmless to people and pets. You can play on it.” — — Seller said.

OK, I get it. So for the next two days, I lay on the cooling mat as soon as I was free, on the floor or on the sofa, playing on the phone or watching TV, and calling Ruby to approach. When she is close to the cooling mat, I generously give her favorite snacks. It’s really comfortable to lie on the cooling mat, the soft and cool feeling keeps me away from the irritability of summer. The cooling mat keeps me cool. I think I might not be able to do without this cooling artefact!

My dog loves this best cooling mat, it cool dogs safely and healthily.

Unfortunately, when Ruby fell in love with the cooling mat, she stopped following me all the time when I’m at home, and she occupied it, sit on it, lie on it, and roll. If I try to lie on this dog cooling mat, she will bark at me. Although I succeeded, I was frustrated! Then I realized that ruby has no conscience, love can disappear too? Or maybe the weather is really too hot for her.

Now I bought another piece of cooling mat for myself. Just this kind of cooling mat. (Cooling mat Link) Lol, yes it is also used for humans. Ruby and I live together peacefully! When I sit on the mat, ruby will drag her mat and sit next to me. She still loves me. Thank this world, Thanks for the cooling mat!

Original Link: https://roland-lee.medium.com/so-love-can-disappear-too-a808adb3fb35

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