Self Cooling mat related asked

  1. How do the dog cooling mats/pads work?

    There is a gel inside that somehow stays cool. Once they lay on the mat, it goes to work immediately and continuous relief up to 3 hours.

  2. Is the cooling mat safe?

    This innovative nylon construction is designed for the health- and environment-conscious: This solid-gel cooling mat is a completely nontoxic solution for pets, owners, and the planet.

  3. Do the cooling mats need water, freeze or electricity?

    No. the mats don’t need a charge, it requires absolutely no water, refrigeration, batteries or electricity. That making it a truly low maintenance option for the home, the kennel, the yard, the car, the RV, and the hotel.

  4. Do the cooling mats work?

    Yes, it is useful. Using a cooling mat, can lower the temperature of the parts you touch by 3-7℃, and keep it for at least 3 hours. That is the secret to keep cooling.

  5. Can humans use pet cooling mats?

    Yes, humans also can use these cooling mats. The mats also work on humans, when you sit or lie on them, you can cool down. And the dog cooling mats are safe for people, too. Suggestion: You can buy more one for yourself instead of snatching the dog because some dogs have a strong possessiveness, which may hurt you!

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