How to find your dog is overheating?

The dog’s comfort temperature is 21-26℃, So as you think, most dogs are afraid of cold and heat. For some dogs with lush and long hair, it’s even more difficult to adapt to the heat.

So how did we find out that the dog is overheating, and how to deal with it?

1、Through human feelings:

The suitable temperature for human beings is 25℃. When we feel hot, our four-legged fur friends are already overheating. So when you feel hot and sweat, it means your pets are hot too.

2、Throgh dogs performance:

When your dog is not exercising but panting with its tongue, means that it is too hot and needs to pant to dissipate heat. So you should be careful about pets health.

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When finding your dogs, cats, or other pets overheat, Don’t panic and just cool them down. It is normal for pets to overheat in the summer, just keep cool.

If you find that you need to help your dog cool. Give your dog fresh cool drinking water but not offer ice, because ice can cool the core body temperature too quickly, and shocking the system. You can provide cooling tools such as fans, air conditioners, cooling pads, etc, or use both of them. The internal and external parts of the help of dog cooling. So your dog will have stable and safe cooling.

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