Cooling Hot Summer !

Safe, Convenient and Green

Health and Green

Keep cool

Recycling used

Cooling significantly


Cooling new method

Different from traditional methods, safe, green and economical

Family essentials

Healthy and recyclable, suitable for humans and animals

Avoid the heat

Convenient to use in a variety of scenes, keep cooling

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Self cooling gel mat

Try this new cooling method instead and then you will like it

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Most people ask

There is a gel inside that somehow stays cool. Once in press, it goes to work immediately and  continuous absorb heat for hours

This innovative nylon construction is designed for the health- and environment-conscious: This solid-gel cooling mat is a completely nontoxic solution for pets, owners, and the planet.

As a self-charging mat, it requires absolutely no water, refrigeration, batteries or electricity, making it a truly low maintenance option for the home, the kennel, the yard, the car, the RV, and the hotel.

Prepare for the coming scorching heat

Summer in the northern hemisphere is coming soon, and green and convenient ice pads will become a must-have way for families to cool down, hurry up order for your family and pets.

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