How to get your dogs using a cooling mat

“It’s happy to received the cooling mat, but when I introduced it to dog, He hesitated and did not accept it immediately.” — Say by Jen

It’s common some dogs are too shy and avoid the cooling mat for pets. So how to get your dogs using that?

They don’t know what it is and how to use it,so your dog became cautious and avoids it. So maybe you have to invest a bit of time getting them used to it. When you let it experience the comfort of the ice pad, it will no longer reject it. Here are some tips to try:

  1. Use the “place” command to let the pet sit on the cooling mat, just like sit, stay and come when you played with it before. If there is an effect to make your pet stay on the cooling mat, it can feel cool, and then love this. It will be the easiest way.
  2. You can use rewards to keep it on the ice pad and let the dog know that it’s the right thing to do. Use what the dog love to eat such as liver, steak, cheese. You can toss treats onto the mat for them to go get and reward just for checking out the mat!
  3. What is more? You can sit on the cooling mat show your dog that sitting on the pad is ok. And invite your dog to sit with you on the mat. When you drive out, take the cooling mat and put it where your dog sits in the car.
  4. You need to be patient and give time for the dog to adapt to the cooling mat, after the dog knows it’s comfortable on the mat, he will never be left it.
  5. The cooling mat can be used on the floor, dog bed, sofa, or in the car, Put the mat in the place where the dog usually stays so that it can be better touched.

“Unbelievable, when he experienced the coolness of the cooling mat, now he can’t do without it” — Say by Jen

dog cooling mat, let your dog using cooling mat

Cooling mat is made of healthy and non-toxic materials, which can help cats and dogs keep cool and comfortable the hot summer. Prevent these furry pets from overheating!

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