Self Cooling Mat

Give pets 6℃ below room temperature!


  • Non-Toxic Material – 100% Safe and clean cooling pad, the natural solution against heat and night sweats.
  • Durable and waterproof – PVC and Oxford material surface allows you to clean it easily.
  • Foldable and Light – Can be easily taken away. It can ease your pain and cool your body, providing you with hours of comfort and relief.
  • Easy to use – No need to add water, charge, or freeze, just stay on this mat, it will absorb heat.

Multi Uses

wide range of uses

The cooling mats have a wide range of uses for humans or pets. They can use as pets beds, backpacks, pillows or cushions.


Cooling mats can absorb heat and prevent night sweats, give you a good night.

dog on cooling mat

Cooling mats for fur pets, protect pets from overheating on hot days.

Multi size

Multiple sizes are available, You can choose one that suits your pet’s size so that it can lie down completely.
Fit humans on the bed, use as a mat or pillow. Improve sleepIng and relieve night sweats.

All size for dog
cooling mat bed

Pets with their cooling mat

Collection of dogs using cooling mat, it makes dog keep cool.

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