How to cool down in summer without air conditioning?

cooling mat can keep you cooler in hot days.

The hot summer is coming, if you are unable to afford air conditioning or wanting to save more by using it less is a normal circumstance for some of us.
Sometimes, we would go see a movie, take a dip in the pool or visit an air-conditioned public facility to find some relief from hot summer temperatures. But if you are at home, What can you do to avoid overheating? Especially during the pandemic, we stay at home safer.

Some people will Use box fans to increase ventilation, Stay hydrated, take a cold shower or bath and eat cold food, such as ice cream or ice drinks, etc. In addition to these methods, more people are beginning to look for black technology methods or products. Just like the self-cooling mats

cooling gel mat for humans and pets

The cooling gel mat contains a pressure-activated substance,when it is under pressure, it will absorb heat from any contacting creatures or objects. This self-cooling gel mat works without water, electricity or refrigeration. The gel inside can be automatically recharged after 15-20 minutes of non-use.

Multi-purpose cooling mat use as cushions, mats or pillow

It is so convenient then more and more people lives are inseparable from it in the hot summer. You can use it anywhere, because it is so easy to use, just press, then it will work.

With it, you will have a happy cooling summer ! Click below to view:

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