Cooling Gel Mat
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cooling mat, keep you and pet cool effectively in the hot days.

Automatic Cooling

Easy to use. Just sit or lie on it, activate the gel inside which will absorb the heat.

features of cooling mat

This cooling mat contains a pressure-activated substance which is non-toxic gel, when it is under pressure, it will absorb heat from anything contacted.

It is convenient for cooling dogs and cats, also other pets and humans, this self cooling mat can be used on the sofa, floor, or in the car to reduce the temperature.

Multiple Uses

The cooling mat can be used as pillows, sofas and mattresses for people, also can cool down your loved pets.
Also, there are many sizes to choose from.

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Safety and healthy

This cooling gel mat made with harmless materials: Non-toxic gel, soft sponge, PVC film and oxford cloth. Safe for people and pets. 


non-toxic gel
cooling mat patent3
Collection of dogs using cooling mat, it makes dog keep cool.

Order For You and Pets

Summer in the northern hemisphere has arrived, the green and convenient cooling mat will be a must way to cool down in the family. Order for you and pets now!

Develop Your Business

The cooling mat is a good cooling product for summer hot days. It is economical and environmentally friendly and harmless to people and pets. If you want to start a business, this popular ice pad will be a great start, Just contact us!

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